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Anion Energy Hardwood charcoal + Loess (S)

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Product Detail Information

Anion Energy Hardwood charcoal + Loess (S)

│ Description │

1.Natural loess grandules (3mm) are processed with fire and put into corrugated pocket strips laid at 3cm intervals. The inside is composed of a sheet of fabric coated with powered charcoal and another sheet of anion fabric, and the outside consists of a cover sheet made of cotton fabric.
2. A digital control is mountedt to adjust temperature and time (only for 220V)

│ Feature │

1. the one-touch digital function keys provide easy control of time and temperature and produce little noise.
2. One built-in temperature sensor comes into operation when the temperature goes adove or below a preset level,
providing a power-saving environment.
3. Two built-in (bimetal) devices are designed to curv a sudden rise in temperature
4. The product has passed tests for electromagnetic fields and interference immu ity (EMI/EMS)
5.Multi- purpose household necessity usable all year round
6.flame-retardant charcoal-coated fabric (for the prevention of fire) used
7. Teflon hot wire used (for the reinforcement of tensile strength and haet resistance)

│ Function │

1. Automatic on/off : when the power switch is on, temperature is automatically kept at the "middle" level
and goes out when a preset time expires.
2. Time control : this four stage timer will provide an easy time setting ( 30min, 1 hour, 3 hours, and 8 hours)
3. Temperature control : allows user to adjust temperature in four steps.

* Setting of temperature at either "strong" or "middle" and of time at either "3 hours" or "8hours" lets the product enter
automatically into the "Weak" mode in one hours. (For prevention of burn or danger" )

│ Specification │

Product name

Anion Energy hardwood charcoal + Loess heating pad (small)
Safety license No. JH 07759 - 14001
Model TVE 120
size 43cm x 46cm
Input Voltage Only AC 220V
Control type Automatic Digital Controller
packaging unit 10 EA